2.1 What is it about contemporary science that makes it so inviting of art/science comparisons

Lorrie Fredette/ I have a few general thoughts. The first is our ability to access enormous amounts of information via the internet as well as the promotion of news, articles, stories via social media. Step in a bookstore and National Geographic Magazine covers are glossy images of the new brain, the study of the brain and the teen brain. Organizations work hard to get their messages out and do so via these platforms creating headlines of interest to rise above the fray. One of the more important avenue of accessibility is via the NPR program RADIO LAB!! Don’t forget Science Friday, too. These programs alone have made science inviting. They have created unique ways to draw people who might not otherwise be interested in science. The accessibility has made science “sexy” when presented in trendy formats. I’m not knocking it at all. Bring it on! Add to the this list t.v., movie and cable t.v. programs like C.S.I., ER, Gray’s Anatomy, Six Feet Under and other cult like science tilted programming and BOOM we have a considered focus on the sciences. (By the way, my interest in science came about via the NYX Tuesday science section.)

The proliferation of scientific investigations in mainstream media draws many of us to the wonder of science. Asking “What if?” is a shared question and the beginning of the adventure.

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  1. It’s a great point, Lorrie — there’s just so much of it around right now. And I don’t know anyone who would argue that that’s not a good thing in a political climate that has science under threat of irrelevance (even if all we ever get is popularized versions of scientific goings-on). But I suspect the attraction goes beyond this. My guess is it has something to do with 2.2.

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