The Poetic Space

Gianluca Bianchino/ As I go about my career making works in dialogue with science, and therefore  participating in Sci-Art to some extent, I still believe the category itself is potentially unnecessary for it is the result of defining a trend and less so a movement in art.  We are in a strange age that orbits the very edge of Postmodernism, echoing the long undefined boundary of the solar system the Voyager space-crafts are traveling through.  Before these space-crafts securely reach another system will they be traveling through a forever undefined border? Perhaps we are currently making our way through an ambiguous region of our own as artists whose trends and categories are driven more by fierce market forces than intellectual rigor.  What will be the next definable phase in art and will that bring back movements as opposed to fashions?  That being said I still believe that Sci-Art will persist … Continue reading

Session III – Data or No Data?

Gianluca Bianchino/ Currently Sci-Art appears to be partial to the popularization and celebration of the subject and less on the much needed self-critique, thus I thank this forum for engaging with the question.

Given the current troubling political climate, strongly influenced by conservative zealots in tandem with a stubborn petrochemical economy, a claim could be made that Sci-Art is an institutional critique just by its mere existence and popularization where both conceptual and formal scrutiny may be seen as inconvenient at the moment.  Similarly to the relationship between Sci-Art and current politics, identity politics in art may be experiencing a concomitant lack of scrutiny.  Identity politics in art is flourishing within a now vast and undefined counter culture movement primarily aligned against the Trump administration. Perhaps in a few years, if the political tension is ameliorated, especially here in the US by a different election result we may be able … Continue reading

The Morning After

Gianluca Bianchino/ Session 1

A drunken conversation has often proven to be a good jump start to a great friendship since the vulnerable state of intoxication allows a level of truth and honesty to spill out of both parties (art and science). I’m certain we’ve all been in that exciting and yet naïve state of being (unless you don’t drink).  But in a drunken conversation there’s always a small window of opportunity for that truth and honesty to establish a lasting meaningful relationship before one of the parties gets carried away by the effects of escalating inebriation spoiling the credibility of their quarrel.  I would argue that the conversation between art and science has been drunk for too long now, certainly since the industrial revolution where the many failed attempts at collaboration started being recorded and probably further back in time, perhaps drunk since inception.  A good place to … Continue reading