Response to Linda (and, obliquely, to Werner)

Taney Roniger/

Linda, your question about what art can do and whether it’s being hampered by its own conventions resonates with me very deeply. I’ve been thinking a lot about the so-called “post-studio” movement that seems to be gaining momentum, and while I applaud the effort art’s making to move out into the world I also wonder if it isn’t in danger of losing the very thing that makes it worth bringing out there to begin with. This “thing,” as I see it, is none other than non-discursive thought, by which I mean the kind of thinking that happens beneath the plane of reason in that rich underworld that is the unconscious. This is what art embodies and the means by which it (very powerfully) communicates. What I see happening is that in its reach toward greater cultural influence, art is becoming more like other modes of discourse (which is … Continue reading