“Nature is Infinitely Interdisciplinary”

Linda Francis / Jeanne’s post is certainly spot on. I think we sort of obliquely spoke about “knowledge” and didn’t really continue the discussion James began in regards to it. Matthew graphed the migration of modes of thinking from one position to another in history.  I agree with Margaret that the toughest part of the picture, even with this cascade of science into the culture’s consciousness, is in trying to work together to affect  real-world applications that are most often linked to politics.  Suzanne cited two programs that were applying pragmatic solutions to big political problems in a kind of entrepreneurial frame. But I am most concerned/ worried about the development of AI and how that could be used. How can artists, who are taught that art does not editorialize, position themselves as arbiters of what is good?

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  1. Very good question, Linda, about art’s ethical dimensions. Does art have an ethical imperative in times of crisis like our own? I’d like to think that it does. Pawel’s work is exemplary in this respect — perhaps we can think of more projects like his in which the art is not compromised but the “message” (such a dirty word in art!) is clear?

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