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Linda Francis/ I do agree, particularly when, as a result of my failure to convince the Audubon Society and a number of associated land trusts with a very well researched and simply reasoned discussion, to actually take some position that would be in accord with their own conservation mandate, I understood in a flash how all is lost on a local level. If one multiplies/enlarges the willful ignorance that was at work, one can see why on a national level we are losing all too.

In regards to your posts and Taney’s on Bernar Venet: I totally agree with your view of the work and want to point out that there are some superficial devices- words placed obviously in some of the panels acknowledging the current rhetoric in fashion. eg: on one you will see a phrase in an eye catching position naming Kurt Goedel and on another piece the word “recursive” in larger case letters. One doesnt know if these things are satirizing science or art or using the words because they look clever. To me the work is decorative composition and makes nice wallpaper even if a little strident.

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  1. You might be right about Bernar Venet, Linda and Dan! Perhaps his example is even better than I initially thought, because now we’re up against what we might call an issue of responsibility. If Venet’s use of mathematical equations isn’t about either the equations themselves or mathematics as a whole, then why is he using them? Because they’re sort of interesting graphically? This would seem a bit irresponsible on his part, because every viewer of his work will immediately go there — to the *idea* of mathematics — and it’s hard to imagine he doesn’t recognize this will be the case. But I suppose in the end the artist’s intentions are irrelevant; what matters is what the work presents and how viewers respond experientially. Being a fan of the mathematical sublime, I myself can be quite taken by some of the better ones (the ones devoid of candy colors and cheap references to Goedel and whatnot. I’ll see if I can find a good image).

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