Taney Roniger/ The flurry of activity we saw here over the weekend has left us with much to ponder and discuss! While we continue to explore some of those questions, I want to issue the final set of prompts that will take us through Wednesday. Because we’ve covered so much material in so little time, and because so many of our panelists’ responses call for further discussion, we’ve decided to leave the conference site live through the end of the year. This will give everyone the opportunity to continue the dialogue and, should there be the desire, to respond to each other’s essays that will appear soon in The Brooklyn Rail.

 Moving Forward:
Establishing Visions for the Future

Mon. Nov. 13 – Tues. Nov. 14, 2017

4.1 What, if anything, does sci-art have to offer the broader culture?

 4.2 Does the sci-art movement have a role to play in the 21st century imperative of saving the planet? In what specific ways can sci-art contribute to solving the most urgent problems we face?

 4.3 If the mechanistic worldview of the 20th century is what brought us to the current ecological crisis, can sci-art serve as an agent of promotion for a more holistic and sustainable metaphysic?

4.4 How might art and science evolve independently to shape culture in more positive ways? Would each be more effective on its own?

4.5 Given the current political climate, what can both fields do to resist the increasing threat of marginalization?

4.6 One of the most ambitious claims made by sci-art proponents is that some day in the near future art and science will be indistinguishable. In light of this claim, what lies beyond sci-art? Where are we going?


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