Taney Roniger/ Heading into our final day here, I have to say that eleven days now feels woefully inadequate for the kind of dialogue we’ve been having! So many of the issues raised here beg for further exploration, while others equally rich in potential have gone all but untouched. That said, we’ll be keeping this forum live through the end of the year should anyone want to further pursue any of the ideas discussed. I’d also welcome posts with notices about other sci-art goings-on here in New York or elsewhere – it would be wonderful to get to know more of the sci-art community!

With an eye toward assessing the shape of the dialogue moving forward, Session V offers an opportunity for panelists and readers to weigh in on how you’d like to see it progress. I look forward to hearing your ideas.


Wed. No. 15, 2017

5.1 If you were to respond to the questions in Session I now, after ten days of dialogue, would your responses be any different? Have any of your attitudes and assumptions about the sci-art movement changed as a consequence of this discussion?

5.2 If we were to further the dialogue – either here or elsewhere – where would you like to see it go? Are there any voices that have been conspicuously absent, and if so, how might we go about getting them involved?

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