transfigurations and exchanges

Linda Francis/ Dan mentions the possibility of art’s heuristic value to theorists or that it may be suggestive of new phenomenon to investigate. To inspire scientists, as well as of course others, is “not nothing” to quote Ray Johnson. And to be inspired by them, as I  wrote earlier, can be the subject of art. A personal example: I became friendly with a materials scientist who enjoyed coming over to my studio and talking with me about various ideas regarding science in general. We lost touch a couple of years later, when he moved to California to work on a NASA space shuttle whose heat shield failed. One day I received an envelope in the mail from him with a letter sized xerox of an electron micrograph image and the inscription- “this looks like your work”- It actually did.  I was  amazed to find that a person whom I thought had no aesthetic grounding would recognize (and remember) the array of forms and see them in his work.  Especially in these times recognition of image is knowledge, useful maybe not only as data but as the structure of…

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