Who’s the Audience?

Stephen Nowlin/ Thank you to the CUE Foundation and Taney Roniger for initiating this timely and important dialogue.

An initial thought: I think the title of the conference itself smartly points to the need for a deeper excavation of what Sci-Art is and what it means. “Strange Attractors” exposes the tendency, particularly in the popular media, to approach a convergence of science and art as a kind-of inspirational novelty — that is, as an implausible tale of romance, an affair noteworthy primarily because it seems to successfully pair what are stereotypically perceived to be polar opposite ends of a spectrum. As a result, the exposure of Sci-Art to the public through popular media remains largely superficial, more descriptive of its charm and novelty than analytical of its deeper meanings. While such may not be the case with academic journals and scholarly writing on the subject, it is the ability of Sci-Art to impact and influence change in the perceptions of a general audience, that I will propose is among its greatest challenges and its most significant mission. And to do so it must be not only inspirational, but subversive and provocative as well. So I would hope to hear in this dialogue over the next several days, what meanings embodied by Sci-Art might disturb and alarm, as well as stimulate and uplift.

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